Dominos Pizza UK, 2017

Café & Restaurant

Over the past few years Inside Out has been a part of the modernisation of Domino’s throughout the UK. Supplying a varied selection of furniture to each unique location, the new restaurant styled Domino's Pizza offers modern and contemporary interiors with an industrial edge.

Domino’s is a firm high street favourite everywhere from Belfast to Wimbledon. Renowned for their takeaway service, their new restaurant designs provide more of a social setting for dining-in.

The modern collection of furniture includes our Industrial and Old School side chairs featured in the renowned Domino’s branded colours, red, blue, white and black. Unique industrial style solid metal A frame tables along with bright red upholstered banquette seating hone in on Domino’s attention to a relaxed restaurant setting, making the new Dominos restaurants and enjoyable place to eat and hang out.

Domino's Pizza Restaurants

Throughout the UK

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