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Café & Restaurant

Charactère, the brand-new restaurant from Emily Roux and husband Diego Ferrari is bursting with distinct and unique flavours. Each section of the menu is ascribed to an element of human nature, allowing guests to base their culinary choices on how they’re feeling at the moment of ordering.

Exposed brickwork is artfully balanced with soft velvet upholstery and crisp marble and brass tables, with fixed banquette seating encircling the restaurant’s outer edge. These contemporary features allow the personality of owners, staff and guests to shine through in the food, a blend of French and Italian cuisine reflecting the youngest member of the Roux dynasty and her partner’s shared roots.

Inside Out assisted designers Rosendale design in their search for furniture to create the perfect environment in which to enjoy the delights of the characterful menu. The banquette seating with mirrored brass kickplate features was custom made by us, while we also supplied solid wood table tops and Viola chairs with brass slipper cups, upholstered in velvety shades of coral and jade.

Winner of Top Newcomer at Harden’s London Restaurant Awards 2019

Rosendale Design
Notting Hill, London
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