10 Years of Ara

- Apr 28, 2021

The Ara collection; designed by Jorge Pensi - one of our most iconic products is celebrating its 10th birthday.

Ara is all about enjoying the here and now, so we are picking out its top 10 features in recognition of this fantastic chair:

  1. Colourful - the many colour options of the Ara make it suitable for all sorts of venue and each creates a slightly different atmosphere.
  2. Ergonomic - the slight angle in the backrest showcases a consideration given to the human form.
  3. Aesthetic - a hammered surface creates a slightly matte finish which adds to the sophistication of the chairs appearance.
  4. Stackable - we love a chair that can be easily stored away for when a location needs to be put to different uses or layouts need to be altered. This one is at the top end of the stacking line, with a possible 8 pieces high!
  5. Easily Portable - an unusual handle is built into the backrest adding both an aesthetic touch and a practical feature.
  6. Refined Lines - the design creates a simple language that communicates exactly what you need from a chair.
  7. UV Resistant - the Ara is made from polypropylene and is suitable to use outdoors come rain or shine. Those colours won't fade under the rays of the summer sun.
  8. Strength - the polypropylene structure is charged with glass fibre which adds to its strength and durability. Always great for a commercial setting.
  9. Antistatic - some plastics just don't quite hit the mark do they - that's not the case with the Ara which has been carefully considered to provide a pleasant experience.
  10. Continuous Shape - injection moulding means that the polypropylene can be formed into a smooth and sinuous continuous form.