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10 years of Snow

It’s been 10 Years since the immensely popular Snow chair by Odo Fioravanti was debuted at the Salone Del Mobile Furniture fair. To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to recall the top 10 incredible features of this timeless chair. So here’s to another decade of the Snow chair - I’m sure there will be several more for this fantastic chair.

Snow Chair Designer Odo Fioravanti
Designer Odo Fioravanti with Inside Out Contracts Managing Director Lisa Cluer

1. Comfortable – This may go without saying but a good chair has got to be comfortable. The Snow chair has been ergonomically designed considering all body proportions. Just one aspect of thoughtful design which makes this chair so popular.

2. Sturdy – Made of plastic but is reinforced with glass fibres to ensure a strong and durable chair, the Snow is designed to stand the test of time.

3. Stackable – A chair that can stack is the holy grail for practical seating. For the Snow chair its functional design enables it to be the perfect option for additional seating as it is easy to store.

4. The Hole – Situated at the back of the seat, the hole has a dual purpose. A handle that makes transportation effortless and an especially handy feature when setting out the chairs for an event. Also a drainage point allowing residing water to flow out so even in the rain there’s no chance of sitting in a puddle. No one likes a soggy bottom!

5. Outdoors & Indoors – In, Out, In, Out, shake it all about. The Snow chair is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether it be for a hotel, café or even poolside there’s no place the Snow can’t go.

6. UV Resistant – You need not worry about the vibrant colours fading. With UV resistant technology the Snow chair stays its colourful self even when left out in the sun.

7. Lightweight - Thanks to the air moulding gas technology used in its manufacture, the Snow chair is solid and strong but also incredibly lightweight. You may even say as light as Snow.

8. Affordable – The superb design at a price that won’t break the bank, that's why the Snow chair is still so popular.

9. High Quality – The genius behind the Snow chair lies in rigorous design process, where decisions were made to ensure the highest quality product at an affordable price. The work has paid off, the Snow chair is still as popular today as it was 10 years ago.

10. Award Winning - At its launch in 2008 at Salone del Mobile in Italy, the Snow chair won first prize of Young&Design Award. The Snow chair had a bright future from day one.

So here’s to another decade of the Snow chair - I’m sure there will be several more for this fantastic chair.

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