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12 things you should know about our beautiful sample box of sustainable materials


To help promote sustainable materials we have created a box of sustainable samples to help raise awareness and promote how beautiful sustainable materials are.

Up until now, Sustainability hasn’t always been part of ‘business as usual’, but that needs to change, so that Sustainability is part of the fabric of the organisation. Without buy-in from the leadership team, it will be a struggle for Sustainability to be given the credibility and prominence it requires across the business. Help support your business case for Sustainability by specifying furniture that has been carefully curated from sustainable sources, we have many collections to help you on this journey of change.

1. Upholstery | Recycled Wool Fabric | LEAF

Using salvaged yarns from the fashion industry this recycled wool has a beautifully soft finish and tactile touch. Even with a robust quality ‘Leaf’ has a limited impact on the environment.

2. Upholstery | Vegan Fabric | TIERRA

This vegan-friendly material has a 33% plant-based composition. In addition this durable fabric is waterproof, stain resistant, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and can also be cleaned with bleach.

3. Upholstery | Recycled plastic Fabric |OCEANIC

The manufacture of this material works to combat marine plastic pollution and achieve a waste-free environment! It is woven entirely from recycled plastic taken from both land and sea.

4. Upholstery | Recycled Polyester Fabric | ECO TWILL

There are 50 recycled 500ml bottles in every square metre of fabric, so as well as having a low carbon footprint and helping the planet it is also 100 % recyclable itself!

5. Upholstery | Flurocarbon-free outdoor fabric | PATIO

Outdoor fabric designed with yarn that is highly durable, water-repellent and fast-drying. It also provides resistance against chlorine, seawater, artificial weathering and is flame-retardant.

Ethical Fabrics for Upholstery

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6. Table Top| Reclaimed Wood

Specialising in recycled wood, all materials have had previous lives. Using reclaimed materials and making significant reductions in waste means minimal environmental impact.

7. Table Top | Timber Terrazzo

The timber is sourced as offcuts and left-overs containing a minimum of 65% waste content and storing 78kg of CO2 as well as using wood dust from the timber industry.

Wood & Timber

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8. Table edging | Metal

Being infinitely recycled on top of having a diverse range of finish options, using metal is a great investment for its durability and sustainable possibilities - plus it is extremely on trend!

METAL | Sustainable

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9. Chair material | Wicker

A waterproof weave made from twisted Kraft paper and steel. It is stapled to rattan or wooden furniture frames to produce a wicker effect that will not snag clothing or skin.

WICKER | Paper and Steel

Materials 14
10. Chair material | Revolution

Converted from dumped plastic waste and made to last forever. It aims to contribute to the cleaning of the seas and coasts by using fishing nets, plastic bottles and waste plastics.

11. Table top plastic | 100% recycled

High quality and made from 100% recycled plastic! They have an incredibly low ecological footprint, using 100% renewable energy and a zero-waste manufacturing process.

12. Table top plastic | Recycled Plastic bottles

Bottle tops, yoghurt pots, chopping boards, plastic packaging, anything destined for landfill has been hand picked to form a highly versatile, rot proof and weather resistant product.

Recycled plastic

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