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- Apr 06, 2020

In these uncertain times we've been planning ways in which we can assist our clients. For the next few weeks we will be offering complimentary 2D space planning to help bring upcoming projects to life.

Alongside your Account Manager our in-house Design team are here to help devise concepts and layouts for new and existing projects, in order for you to get the most out of your space.

2D Space Planning - Inside Out Contracts

What is a 2D space plan and why do you need one?

A 2D space plan works like a map; it illustrates the structure, distance and relationship within the area and allows for a deeper understanding of what will and will not work for the space. Throughout the design process there are many benefits to having a Space plan to keeping your project running smoothly.

Flow & efficiency - The way in which customers and staff are able to move around an area can make or break a design. Adhering to requirements in terms of access and safety is an imperative part of a space plan while deciphering how customers will be using the area massively effects furniture placement. From making sure there is enough room between tables in a restaurant, to ensuring a quiet lounge is kept away from a heavy footfall area can all be included in your plan.

Profitability - It goes without saying that we what to maximise covers in every area. Downsizing a table top by 100mm or selecting a side chair opposed to an armchair can go a long way to making the most of any given area.

The devil in the detail - No one likes a nasty surprise so planning with every detail in mind keeps risks to a minimum. Our team have worked on thousands of projects over the years so are experts at spotting issues at this early stage, avoiding headaches later down the line!

While 2D is a great place to start, 3D Space Planning adds a whole other dimension to your design *pun intended*. Discover more about that and our other Design services here >>

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