AR Furniture Sample

3 Great Advantages of AR Furniture Samples

What are AR Furniture Samples?

An AR furniture sample, is a 3D model of a furniture design, that has been uploaded to software that generates a QR code. The QR code can then be scanned by your mobile device (phone or tablet) to help you demonstrate how the furniture looks in your venue.

As standard, Inside Out Contracts Supply AR Samples for all bespoke furniture designs that are created by the in-house design team.

However, for larger projects, where 3D models are available, we can supply a limited number of AR furniture samples, in the fabrics you are considering.

The benefits of using AR furniture samples, are similar to those using 3D Renders for an interior design. 3D renders allows someone to see the whole interior design where as an AR sample, allows you to see the furniture item in 3D in the venue before you order.

1) Time Saving

Creating real furniture samples is costly in time and money. If a designer is considering multiple fabrics, materials and finishes, being able to see a 3D model can really help to save time.

2) Visually Impressive

As and when project meetings take place, it's helpful to all the team and the end client to be able to see the furniture in place and make quicker decisions on colour and finishes.

3) Confident Project Sign Off

When projects are signed off, they are done so with confidence. Being able to allow decision makers to see and experience the furniture can lead to a more confident project sign off and avoid costly mistakes.


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