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4 things you should know about reclaimed wood contract furniture


What should you know about reclaimed wood as a material for contract furniture? After all is reclaimed wood really the sustainable eco-friendly product, we all think it is?

For each type of eco-friendly material there are pros and cons when it comes to sustainability. Using contract furniture made from reclaimed wood is better for the environment than using products made from new timber.

Below are 2 reasons why choosing reclaimed wood as a material for contract furniture is good for the environment:

  1. Helps to curb deforestation | when you purchase table tops made from reclaimed wood you help to decrease the demand for newly sourced timber, which helps to curb deforestation
  2. Helps to reduce landfill | using contract furniture made from reclaimed wood means that you are reusing a renewable resource, instead of adding it to landfill.

These two reasons alone are two great eco-friendly reasons why you should consider reclaimed wood for table tops in hospitality venues. It is also worth mentioning that because reclaimed wood is aged and weathered, it gains a very desirable unique look that is difficult to find in new materials.

We have worked with a variety of projects who have used reclaimed wood in their designs, one of which is Nutbutter in Dublin. As you can see the finished look has a lot of character and is a stunning product for any hospitality venue. Reclaimed wood table tops can sit well in a number of different interior design aesthetics and colour schemes.

Nutbutter Project

Nutbutter Inside Out Contracts6
Nutbutter Inside Out Contracts5
Nutbutter Inside Out Contracts2

However, if you are interested in using reclaimed wood table tops, over other materials, you might want to consider the potential downside to this type of material for contract furniture.

  1. Legitimacy | We take this concern away by sourcing our reclaimed wood from legitimate suppliers and our reclaimed wood table tops are manufactured in the UK. However, because of the popularity of reclaimed timber, some dealers make false claims about the source of their products. There are organisations which try to ensure this doesn’t happen, including the Rainforest Alliance and Forest Stewardship Council.
  2. Price | Reclaimed wood can be more expensive than newly sourced timber because of the process it undergoes. There is often a lot of nail-pulling and extra work involved to ensure that the wood is safe to use.

As you can see from the below images, we always ensure that our reclaimed wood table tops are the genuine article and made by people who genuinely care about their trade and producing quality products.

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