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4 things you should know about recycled plastic contract furniture


What 4 things should you know about recycled plastic contract furniture? Recycled plastic furniture really the sustainable eco-friendly product, we all think it is?

For each type of eco-friendly material there are pros and cons when it comes to sustainability. Using contract furniture made from recycled plastic is a good choice when it comes to sustainability.

Below are 2 reasons why choosing recycled plastic as a material for contract furniture is good for the environment:

1. Helps to reduce landfill - diverting plastic waste from the landfill

2. Can be locally processed - recycled plastic for furniture is often made from HDPE or High-density polyethylene. This is the most abundant type of recycled plastic and is often handled at the local level. So, it helps the local economy and recycling firms by channelling this material into a beneficial process.

Projects we have worked on who have used recycled plastic furniture include Seavista who used the tequila armchair. However, recycled plastic chairs, a bit like metal, can come in all shapes and sizes, from classic design to very bold, plastic has a lot of versatility to offer interior designers. Below is the Feather Chair and the more classic look of the candy side chair.

However, if you are interested in using recycled plastic for chairs or tables, over other materials, you might want to consider the potential downside to this type of material for contract furniture.

3. Light - so can easily blow away if outside

4. Can mark easily - some types of plastics used for chairs can gain scratch marks

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