5 Considerations for Outdoor Upholstery


You would think that fabric and open air just wouldn't go together. But they can! You just have to take several factors into consideration.

It is important to choose materials that are appropriate for outdoor use, rather than to upholster with indoor fabrics. Here are 5 considerations to ensure that your upholstered outdoor cushions go the distance so that you won't need to replace them a couple of months down the line.

1 | UV Resistance

It may not always feel particularly sunny... but that sun is deceptive! Materials exposed to the sun's rays are susceptible to fading, especially if you choose bright colours. Due to textile advancements, it is now possible to pick fabrics with UV resistance that can be bright and bold and stay bright and bold!

2 | Weatherproof

One weather we are much more familiar with causing problems is the rain. It is possible to find quick-drying materials as well as 'marine grade' materials. These are designed to withstand wind, rain, seawater and chlorine. They truly are technologically advanced. This feature will also help to prevent mildew which would ruin cushions beyond repair.

3 | Removable covers

A quick solution to dirt and grime. If you can remove the covers then you can easily throw them into a washing machine and voila! All your problems solved. Dirt is always going to be a concern with furniture placed outside, so this is a great way to prepare for the eventuality.

4 | Storage

Though you may have done all of the above, including the waterproof fabrics, heavy rain is never your furniture's friend. If a cushion gets completely soaked through and does not dry then mildew will become a problem. To prevent this from occurring consider storing your cushions away.

5 | Location

It's important to consider the placement of the cushions. If they are sitting beneath a tree, then you are placing them in a position that might be at risk of birds and their... excretions. Not what you want! If the cushions are dark then you should be able to clean them, but if they are light then stains are likely so maybe reconsider their location.

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