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Sweet Curves | 6 Delicious Modern Chair Designs


Do you need delicious modern curved chairs to complete your ‘feel inspired’ interior design? Maybe its our sweet tooth but we can't help but think that modern chairs when seen in a variety of colours reminds us of a colourful selection of pick n mix.

We have looked at 6 modern restaurant chair designs which really leap out and offer a laid back, luxurious style for any venue wanting to create a modern lifestyle experience.

Modern restaurant chairs can be recognised by their strong curved lines that break the classic chair design in some way. These modern chair designs are made to stand out and exude a confident cosmopolitan vibe whilst also offering extreme comfort.

These chairs are not usually used for formal dining but for more a relaxed and casual environment, where people will be eating and drinking and are likely to stay for a number of hours whilst socialising.

For a modern restaurant chair, we think there are 2 key qualities:

  • Design: We are looking for bold curved lines in a way that is different from a traditional chair found in the 1900s
  • Comfort: Could you sit in it for 2 hours and still be comfortable?

The Hue Chair @ University of Arts London

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5 best modern chairs
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The Hue Chair

The Hue Chair caught our attention. It was recently used at the St Martins Campus at the University of Arts London. The use of soft round curves and metal legs have reference to a past and future design. The beetle shape helps to give the Hue a futuristic feel with a rounded design, which is reminiscent of vintage furniture. This feature allows it to fall under all of the criteria we are looking for when it comes to the best modern restaurant chairs for the Spring of 2022.

  • Design: Scores highly. Bold curves creates a statement look.
  • Comfort: Scores highly. We have done the comfort test and can confirm once you sit in this chair you wont want to move

Sereen Rocking Chair

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Sereen Rocking Chair

Yes this is a pink fluffy chair. The fabric shown in the picture above, is pink mohair. Ignoring this fabulous fabric for a moment, this chair is the ultimate for comfort because of its shape and rocking chair base.

  • Design: High scoring design because of bold curves and high back to make this a statement piece of furniture
  • Comfort: You can sink into this chair for a few hours in dream like comfort if in a relaxed setting.

Melissa chair

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Melissa Chair

Melissa, is a compact chair that is very agile, especially in less spacious settings.

  • Design: Bold round curves invite you to sit here, the shape is also designed to be modular, giving flexibility to seating arrangements
  • Comfort: Small but very comfortable. Perfect for relaxed seating

Abbraccio Armchair

Abbraccio Chair Collection 0699 Inside Out Contracts

Abbraccio Armchair

The style of the Abbraccio armchair provides ultimate support, with its hugging structure, complimented with soft upholstery and the option of studded arms.

The elegant beach wood legs give the armchair an elegant finesse, available with optional mental slipper cups for a deluxe take.

  • Design: Scores high on modern design with its bold curved lines
  • Comfort: Comfortable dining chair which you could sit at a formal dining table for a number of hours


We love to see seating solutions which are innovative and help to reduce our environmental impact. The Maja is built with sustainability in mind.

  • Design: This design concept so scores really highly on being innovative. The Maja can be placed either against a wall or in the middle of the room to provide access from both sides. It is also possible to integrate planters into the set-up to enliven areas with green accents. This isn't a seating option for a formal dining table, but we love something that is a little different for those who are a little adventurous or looking for a modern central seating area.
  • Comfort: This works really well as a short term seating area but there are other options if comfort for several hours is your top priority
  • Durability: Maja is built with the objective of achieving a long life. Customers are able to renovate this piece for continued use or reuse. This provides opportunities for a more sustainable consumption of our furniture that generation after generation of users can appreciate.

Introducing the Timo. This chair, made with the best and most comfortable materials allows it to stand out and provides quality back support.

  • Design: The design for the Timo is very simplistic with a rounded back support and metal legs used to hold the chair up. The use of bold lines curved around the chair help to give it a more modern look.
  • Comfort: The comfort is rated very highly, the use of padding makes the back support extremely comfortable.

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