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5 Cafe Interior Design Ideas


5 cafe venues which have opened recently, have really captured the flora and foliage trend in very different ways.

What has Mallow, Giolato, EL&N, The Juice Smith, Sunday in Brooklyn and Hanko have in common? This can be best explained as cafe interior design fuelled by 'plant power'. An explosion of flowers and green leaves can be found in various quantities in the decor of all these venues. Yet whilst these venues have a similar theme, each one has given it their own style.

We looked at each scheme in detail to find out the core ingredients for a successful cafe interior design that captures natural beauty and looked at a range of furniture options in different budget ranges to discover what could look really effective.

Mallow, London Bridge Interior Design : This plant based restaurant interior reminds us of pink blossom on a spring day. The colour scheme captures light pink, bright pink and a bold deep blue. The ceiling of the cafe is even painted blue. The furniture materials are a variety of natural materials including light wood, marble and brass.

Inspired by Mallow, London Bridge

Plant Power Cafe Interior Design Ideas. Mallow
Plant Power Cafe Interior Design Ideas. Hero 7

The furniture chosen by Mallow captures solid natural beech wood in a simple and minimalist style, found in the Bette bar stool and Bentwood side chair. However, there are similar products which would also capture this look such as the Folk Wood bar stool or Boo bar stool.


To capture this look at different price ranges we looked at the different finishes, materials and fabrics at different price points:

Cost effective:

  • Clear ash veneer table top stains can work really well as a cost effective solution for table tops which feel and look like real wood.
  • Cashmir 100% polyester fabric is in our Range A fabrics and offers true value for money.

Mid range:

  • Beech or Ash wood for tables offers the most cost effective solution for solid wood
  • Plush Velvet fabric on our Range B fabrics gives a cost effective opulence.

High end:

  • Maple is a premium solid wood type which has the soft honey which works so well in this colour scheme for for tables.
  • Velvets, environmentally friendly options and premium fabric types can be found in our Range C Fabrics. All fabric types work well for luxury seating upholstery (chairs, banquette, booth or stools), however, for a plant powered interior design we have some exciting environmentally friendly fabrics we can talk about, some of which are plant based fabrics.

Another plant based restaurant, whose interior design captures the natural tranquil beauty of plants, is The Juice Smith in Cobham. In contrast, this has a totally different vibe and take on plant power interior design.

The Juice Smith, Cobham: bold green plants, contrast the silver chairs and white walls.

Inspired by, The Juice Smith, Cobham

Plant power interior design
Plant Power Cafe Interior Design Ideas. Hero 1

We love the bold green leaves used in The Juice Smith Cobham and seeing these contrasted with silver and grey fabrics. This venue has a clean fresh feel about it. Comfortable, natural and healthy.

Inspired by EL&N

Plant Power Cafe Interior Design blog ELN
Plant power interior design 2

There are a number of EL&N cafes who we have worked with and each one includes an exciting explosion of pink flowers, making this the signature look for this iconic brand. Ultra modern furniture complements this kitsch look which can't help but grab attention and stand out. Quality pink leathers and velvets are used against marble and plastics.

Inspired by Hanko

Plant power interior design 3
Plant Power Cafe Interior Design Ideas. Hero 6

Hanko is both a florist and champagne bar. So, it is very fitting that this venue is surrounded by the most stunning flowers which can't help but make you feel that you have arrived somewhere very special.

Inspired by Giolato

Plant Power Cafe Interior Design blog. Giolato
Plant Power Cafe Interior Design Ideas. Hero 5

We love the subtle foliage used at Giolato to offset the pastel furnishings and decor choices.

Inspired by Sunday in Brooklyn

Plant power interior design 6
Plant Power Cafe Interior Design Ideas. Hero 3

Sunday at Brooklyn is all about the bold green plants against the wooden furniture choices.

For more information about café furniture please click here.

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