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Contract Furniture | Top 10 Bespoke Design Products 2021

Interview with Douglas Crichton – Design Manager

Doug has been the Design Manager at Inside Out Contracts for the past 5 years. In that time, he has overseen 1000’s of different bespoke design projects. From this experience, he has gained a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating bespoke contract furniture for the hospitality and workplace industry.

Doug had created a list of top 10 bespoke design products from projects in 2021 and we wanted to share this with you and find out why some of the items had made his list.

Q: Why Do People Order Bespoke Contract Furniture?

A: Off the shelf products are great but sometimes a designer or owner has a certain look which they want to capture or they would like a product that isn’t a standard size. After all, restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes come in all shapes, styles and sizes and sometimes the furniture needs to come in all shapes, styles and sizes as well.

Doug's Top 10 Design Products 2021 | Product 1

Top 10 products. Product 1

Doug's Top 10 Design Products 2021 | Product 2

Top 10 products. Product 2

Doug's Top 10 Design Products 2021 | Product 3

Top 10 products. Product 3

Doug's Top 10 Design Products 2021 | Product 4

Top 10 products. Product 4

Doug's Top 10 Design Products 2021 | Product 5

Top 10 products. Product 5

Doug's Top 10 Design Products 2021 | Product 6

Top 10 products. Product 6

Doug's Top 10 Design Products 2021 | Product 7

Top 10 products. Product 7

Doug's Top 10 Design Products 2021 | Product 8

Top 10 products. Product 8

Doug's Top 10 Design Products 2021 | Product 9

Top 10 products. Product 9

Q: Why is the Sucre Table number 1?

A: Firstly, there was no specific order for the top 10 products. They are all great for different reasons. The Sucre table, probably sprung to mind first because I love the creativity which went into creating this product. The client approached us with a particular vision and concept in mind and we were able to help offer alternatives and concepts to best achieve their end goal while maintaining budget and lead time. The black metal hand cut base creates this abstract, strong lines. The strong black straight lines are used in the décor in the restaurant, with the grid like mirrors above the kitchen and the wall and floor tiling in the bar area.

This design theme for the restaurant was something that was purposefully thought about and used in the contract furniture creation.

The Sucre Tables

Sucre Restaurant Round Bespoke Table
Sucre Restaurant long restaurant table
Sucre Restaurant large long restaurant table
Sucre Restaurant small square bespoke table
Sucre Restaurant small rectangle bespoke table
Sucre Restaurant table. small round
Sucre Restaurant table. Small square
Sucre Restaurant Tables. small square 1
Sucre Restaurant Table. Large. in restaurant
Sucre Restaurant. Large table. In restaurant. Pic 2
Sucre Restaurant. Large Table. Detail
Sucre Restaurant. Square tables example
Sucre Restaurant. Poser Tables
Sucre Restaurant. Column detail
Sucre Restaurant. Square Table
Sucre Restaurant. Round table
Sucre Restaurant. Round table 2

Q: I have to ask, this looks like a sofa, why is this item bespoke?

A: Over the last year or so we have seen a big push toward a ‘Dining’ Sofa, something that offers a cover for the restaurant but can be used as in a more relaxing setting. A more informal banquette alternative.

The Beech House in St Albans is a fantastic venue, we had previously supplied some furniture for the original fit out, so it was a great pleasure to return with a full range of furniture from high tables, bespoke seating of different styles to a bespoke Maître D’ Station. We worked closely with the designer to help plan out her layout to best achieve a new look while maximising the number of covers. Because the space is very open plan, the furniture helps to create separate areas.

The design of the sofa originally began with just a simple picture of a sofa arm and from there we created the fluted sofa from there.

The Beech House Dining Sofas

Top 10 products 24
The Beech House Dining Sofa. Back View
The Beech House Dining Sofa. Red
The Beech House Dining Sofa. Red. Pic 2
3 3
3 2
1 2

Q: Tell me more about this long poser type table

This table was designed for The Juice Smith who will be opening a new location in January 2022 in Cobham. They specialise in vegan food and represent a healthy lifestyle brand which has seen a lot of growth over the past 6 years. The Juice Smith wanted to invest in furniture which would have a very natural feel to it, to complement the ethos of organic and plant-based food.

The table was inspired by nature, with these chunky big floor fixed cylinder legs, acting link tree trunks, amongst the leafy décor of this venue. We were able to achieve a smaller base & column by floor fixing the table.

The table top is made of solid ash wood with curved edges with a built down edge given the illusion of a thick top.

Overall, this design reflected the unique ethos and design of this brand, whilst also offering the practicality of being able to be fixed to the floor.

The Juice Smith Feature Table

The Juice Smith Table

Thank you, Doug, for those insights and we are excited to see what new designs you and your team come up with in 2022!

If you have a project which you are considering a bespoke piece of furniture, then talk to Doug. You can email his team at [email protected] or click here to learn more about bespoke furniture.

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