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Milan Furniture Fair Trend | Gorgeous Greens and Plush Purples


Are you wanting to know about this year’s colour trends from Salone de Mobile the Milan Furniture Fair 2022? The Milan furniture fair is displaying contract furniture that is awash with gorgeous greens and plush purples. It is easy to see how these colours can inject freshness or stylish drama into a room.

The below furniture pieces belong to a variety of new collections of leading-edge contract furniture. Unboxed for the first time at Milan Furniture Fair 2022, these furniture pieces were made with colours inspired by the wildflowers of the Tuscan countryside, awash with fresh lavender and the intensity of velvety pansies.

Before designing a collection as mesmerising as these pieces, it's important to start with strong inspiration and the objective to know you are creating just one of a collection of important pieces, which will help an interior designer capture the essence they are looking for. The shape of the furniture, the details, and of course the fabrics are key to creating the perfect piece.

The Primo collection captures elegance with its soft curves and wooden finishes, whilst the Contessa collection has sharper lines and metal finishes, giving it a more avant-garde feel.

The challenge a furniture designer faces when creating inspiring contract furniture collections is always to find the balance between creating something novel enough that it stands out, but not so futuristic that it can’t fit into multiple interior designs. The furniture design needs to be fresh, cutting edge and stylish but more so in the details and lines of the furniture. Anything too dramatic can be overpowering for an interior designer who will have their own interior which they will need to build.

The other challenge is to create something which differs from other collections but to provide new alternatives by focusing on the details of the product, to enable to piece to stand out as the obvious choice.

The new products below capture this balance for a modern style which could fit into multiple interior designs perfectly. One finishing the new collections the designer remarked that these pieces capture the initial inspiration perfectly.

To create a design from an initial concept and create it, requires technical knowledge of fabrics and materials. Sometimes, what can be imagined and drawn can’t always be made. Therefore, often there are compromises to be made, much to the frustration of the original designer.

The finished collection is the result of months of work. There is a process of the execution of prototypes, samples, and counter samples until the final goal is reached.

Whichever collection inspires you, the fabrics you select have such an important impact on capturing your perfect look, that we recommend you take a look at our upholstery page here to discover your perfect fabric.

Milan Furniture Fair 2022 | Pictures

Contract In in Milan 3
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Contract In in Milan
Contract In in Milan 5
Contract In in Milan 2
Contract In in Milan 3
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