Top Restaurant Chair Picks

Are you thinking crisp creams, natural whites, and deep brown upholstery, combined with natural wood materials for your restaurant chairs? If so you are right on trend. Below are a few of our top picks from Design 2022.

Design London 2022 | Inside Inspiration

One thing was really clear, Design London 2022 was addressing the international problem of needing to end plastic waste and find a more sustainable way of creating and producing cutting-edge contract furniture and restaurant chairs for the hospitality industry.

As you walked into the event, one of the first messages that you saw was the message 'made to be remade'. Brands wanted to show how they were using technology to focus on ending plastic waste, by finding ways to recycle and reuse plastic waste in innovative ways. Looking after the world we live in and avoiding waste was a topic that was woven into much of the messaging throughout the show through event sponsors, exhibitors and show exhibits.

There were 2 very interesting physical exhibits which Design London had put together. The first was an area on the show floor designated to some of the talks and debates which took place. Towering above any speaker, was 3 trees, which demonstrated the importance of nature and the natural world. Something which is also close to Inside Out Contracts own values, as the charity which we support is trees for cities.

The other area Design London had put together was an exhibit of old technology and a chair which had fallen apart. Aimed to show us the waste we had created in the past and the need to find a more sustainable way of being.

Loudly echoing the message of sustainability was the colour trend used at the show. Natural colours and materials gave the show a bright and airy feel.

Having walked around the show and looked at the latest designs, we have put together a small collection of top restaurant chair picks to enthuse and inspire.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, just drop us a message in the form below or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

Design London 2022. Neutral's Colour Trend
Design 2022 | Neutral Colour Trend
Design 2022. Sustainability Message
Design 2022 | Sustainability Messaging

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