Distinctive design 01 | Lounge chair edition

- Nov 17, 2020

Some of the products we stock can't help but take our breath away. They make the most of unusual shape and structure to produce truly unique, never-been-seen-before pieces that we think are worth celebrating.

Take a look at the lounge chairs that we are in awe of:

Chaplin lounge chair

Just like the hat of the man himself, this humorously named lounge chair encapsulates a fun and quirky nature within its design. We love its unusually wide, extending seat.

Sam Son chair

Another quirky shape that acts as a focal point; all curves and circles with a horseshoe-shaped seat and bolster-like armrests.

Dakota lounge chair

Fringing bringing all the Hollywood glamour you could need on the solid, square structure of the Dakota.

Jewel lounge chair

Taking inspiration from its namesake, the Jewel lounge chair is bold and sharp, with geometric shaping cut into its structure.

Lou lounge chair

A striking shape giving a contemporary take on the wing back chair, giving strong definition to all its curves and points.

Cleves lounge chair

An amplified thronelike shape fit for royalty, this plush lounge chair offers comfort, style, and innovative design.

Bend lounge chair

Shaped like an origami chatterbox, this chair manages to capture both playfulness and sophistication. It is a definite centre-piece.


Moulded plastic allows this chair to encapsulate stunning classical design in what has become a piece of art in itself. Colour adds to the fun and contemporary slant.