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It is now more important than ever to look after our planet. You can be environmentally friendly in your interior design with even the smallest details. From recycled wood table tops, to sustainable stools, it's the choices you make that make all the difference.

Clients are often looking for sustainable products to incorporate into their interiors and as a company who is increasingly making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we're always looking for ways to make this possible.

Bad design often leads to more pollution. Simple designs with good quality materials can help ensure that a product is ecological. If a piece of furniture is well made it becomes more durable and longer lasting, therefore reducing waste.

Up-cycling is another key way to ensure that your furnishings are good for the environment. We've seen this recently in the form of recycling disused timber to make table tops and cleverly making use of off cuts from large scale projects to make beautifully designed timber tables and chairs.

Here we have a selection of some of our favourite eco friendly pieces we have to offer. You can also now view all our most environmental pieces in one place by typing 'enviro' into our search bar. Or you can just click this link... Enviro >>

Tio bar stool

The Tio bar stool's fine metal frame can be recycled easily by separating it, making it both stylish and ecological. A great example of a simply made piece that is durable and environmentally friendly.


Timber Terrazzo Table Top - Blue

Forresso, the new age surface that's taken the design world by storm, is made using FSC certified British Oak wood chips mixed with a binding agent comprised of concrete and resin with a little pigment added in. This makes a table top that creates an aesthetic feast for the eyes. It doesn't hurt that it's also sustainable, so good for the environment!


Tom & Jerry stool

This playful stool is made from FSC certified beech wood. The FSC sets standards on forest products and ensures that production of items from wood is eco-friendly. Tom & Jerry has also been awarded a Greenguard Gold Certification as it's manufacture is low in harmful emissions.

tom-and-jerry-stool-low emission-furniture-blog

Recycled Wood Table Top - Illusion

If you have a client looking for ecologically sound products, the recycled wood table tops may be for them. Made in Britain using, you guessed it, the Illusion table top is comprised of strips of solid wood in varying profiles. If your client is UK based, you get extra enviro-points for low emission shipping to site.


Tatami armchair

Another piece of furniture made to last, the Tatami armchair is highly durable and is UV resistant, making it the perfect sustainable outdoor chair. It's also made from a type of plastic which can be fully recycled, meaning that once it gets to the end of it's usable life, it can be broken down and made into something brand new. Recycling, like reincarnation for inanimate objects.


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