Focus on Grace Growing from Intern to Design Maestro

Focus on Grace Growing from Intern to Design Maestro

What degree are you doing and why did you choose a course with a gap year?

My degree is a BA in Product Design from Nottingham Trent University, and my programme is a sandwich course, which means I can do an optional Placement year between Years 2 and 3. I chose Placement because I thought it would be a fantastic experience in which I would not only learn more about the Design industry but also create connections and expand on my previous experience.

Due to starting University at the height of Covid, I felt that the additional experience and knowledge would be beneficial to me in the future. There were so many advantages to completing a placement that I thought it was an obvious choice.

Focus on Grace Growing from Intern to Design Maestro

What experience and growth did you gain while working at Inside Out Contracts?

Inside Out Contracts provided me with valuable experience that I had not anticipated. I was able to not only gain more CAD skills and improve my technical drawing speed but I was also provided numerous opportunities to master new talents. From my first day at Inside Out to my last, I can confidently say that I never expected to be so confident in my CAD skills. I'm still surprised that I went from not knowing the programme to being able to do a technical drawing in less than 2 hours.

While making technical drawings was my primary focus as a design intern, I was also able to go on photography visits and explore cinematography and interview skills. This was something I grew more confident in as the year progressed; I was able to express my thoughts on how the photoshoot could be set up and how the pictures of the site could tell a story. Other opportunities included site surveys, installation days, and working with new AR models.

Whilst, doing technical drawings was my main focus as a design intern I was also able to go on Photography visits and not only take photos but also explore cinematography and interview skills. This was something I also became more confident in as the year went on, I was able to vocalise my ideas of how the photo shoot could be set up and how a story could be told through the imagery of the site. Other experiences that were offered to me were site surveys, installation days, and working with the new AR models. It was amazing to be able to experience so many areas of the design world. One of the other good experiences was having the opportunity to work with not one but two design managers, both of whom were very significant to my design career since they taught me how to connect with others as a designer and how to manage a workload.

Some of my favourite projects involved practically the entire order being made to order. V87, for example, was one of my favourites because it allowed me to watch the entire project from start to finish. Being able to attend the initial site visit and then the final photography visit provided me with invaluable insight into the design process. It was incredible to witness. My favourite project was Wonderland, which I completed at the end of my placement. This was my favourite since it arrived at a time when I was quite secure in my abilities and could express how I would go about generating the technical drawings. I was able to work on all the banquettes for the project, which I could not have envisaged at the start of the year. I recently had the opportunity to visit the site, and it appears to be remarkable, as they have created a beautiful environment that is not only comfortable but also interesting in a way that makes you want to immerse yourself in the environment

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What were some of the things you liked most at Inside Out?

If you asked everyone at the office what my favourite thing outside of design work is, they'd probably say the office dog. To be honest, all my favourite aspects of the company stemmed from the laid-back atmosphere. It was a welcoming environment that pushed you to make new friends and learn from everyone else's experiences. Sidney, on the other hand, quickly became a fan favourite.

Because of the good environment, I was able to make everyone feel extremely comfortable with me. This also meant that when we went on team trips, everyone got along so well that you could often forget you met at work.

Focus on Grace Growing from Intern to Design Maestro

How does it feel to be in your final year?

It is intimidating, as I am sure it is for everyone, but I believe that after placement year, I will be more confident in my design decisions. Going from second year, when we would do approximately five projects for the year, to placement, where you would sometimes complete three a day, has prepared me for the future. I believe that without this year, I would still be insecure about some elements of being a designer, but having experience under my belt means that I am more comfortable than I have ever been.

Focus on Grace Growing from Intern to Design Maestro 3

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