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Furniture Trend 2018 | Fine Metal Frames

In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Jay Gatsby "Can't repeat the past? … Why of course you can!". That’s exactly what we found this year at Milan Design Week.

In a contemporary twist on the style of the 1920’s, fine metal frames in opulent metallics or modern matt black combine with rich tones to create new designs, in part, dedicated to the glamorous jazz age.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fine tubular metal frames or legs taking prime position on new furniture designs
  • Existing chair designs updated by switching wooden legs for metal
  • Black metal for modern styling
  • Brass or rose gold for luxury styling, predominately paired with velvet or hide

Thin metal frames create an alternative weightless aesthetic on classic styles or modern styled furniture. In gleaming metallic or sleek black, fine metal frames are paired with luxurious fabrics, opulent marbles or resort-style rattan to generate new furniture designs.

Think Eileen Grey and the famous E 1027 table.

L-R Granada side chair & Rumba lounge chair | Halle Metal collection | Coco 2 lounge chair | Robyn soft chair & Robyn armchair | Magazine table & Daytona tables

TAKING SHAPE. Metallic metal finishes such as brass and rose gold take pride of place on tables, chairs and stools, creating something of a statement for furniture frames and legs. Used to define a silhouette, showcase intricate structural design or add a luxurious finish, this stylish trend was in full swing at this year’s Milan Design Week which can only mean good things to come.

L-R Jazz armchair & bar stool | 366 Metal chair | Lund metal bar stool

POLISHED LOOK. Thin metal frames and legs finished in black create a more modern style as opposed to metallic finishes. Combining sleek black metal with soft upholstered curves in chairs, stools and sofas, balances the design instead of grabbing attention like with metallic finishes. The slick and harmonised look with black metal frames also harnesses inspiration from shifting Scandinavian styles.

The thin metal frame trend continues outdoors with resort-style furniture. Deluxe rattan seat when paired with thin metal legs creates a relaxed weightless look.

| Shaftesbury now with metal frame

REFRESH. Classic designs too are utilising this trend to give a new lease of life to their collection, switching out classical wooden legs for fine metal legs.

Look out for our next trend reports where we will be discussing how fringing is back to create textural details.

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