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THE ART OF CHAIR LEGS. Every element of a chair can and should be well thought out. How a chair stands on the ground has long been an opportunity for all kinds of extravagant design decisions. The latest trends see the details of a chair continue all the way to the legs in the form of contemporary metal slipper cups.

Key Takeaways:

  • Copper, Brass and Chrome are still the metallic colours of choice
  • Metal slipper cups offer a touch of the metallic trend to even more interiors
  • Velvet, solid wood & Brass is the ultimate luxe design trio
  • Slipper cup aren't just for wooden legs, the same style can be achieved with metal

SOMETHING CONTEMPORARY. This added level of detail is no new trend; Originating from the animal inspired Cabriole style popular in antique Chippendale pieces, to the simplistic sword like Sabre style, there have been very few limits to what can be done to elevate simple designs. These days, the old school crafting methods have inspired something new with a touch of class and glamour. A slipper cup is the perfect element to enhance your chair leg and are a stylistic addition to your furniture.

They may be small but this simple detail can pull together the interior of any restaurant or hotel lounge. Mismatched pieces could create a unit with a uniform of metal feet protecting the legs of your chair from general wear and tear.

It's not just chairs that get the slipper cup treatment, it's also a common feature for stools and sofas.

METAL FINISHES. Slipper cups are often available in silver or brass as standard; however you can find a range of other metal colours and finishes depending on the workshop. Commonly used slipper cup colours and finishes include: Brass, Antique brass, Silver, Chrome, Copper & Bronze.

We saw metal slipper cups everywhere we looked at the design fairs this season, kicking off with Milan in April. Since then we’ve acquired a few of these pieces in our showroom collection and have seen them step up in a range of our projects. It seems that good design choices come in small packages and there are usually four of them.

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