Furniture Trend 2018 | Mixed Materials

- Mar 12, 2018

2018 is well underway and we are already noticing the standout furniture trends for this season.

More than ever it seems, Materials matter. Whether it’s a unique combination of metal + upholstery or the amalgamations of various materials into a single product like our Bay Armchair; the focus is on how a simple design can be transformed by the materials it’s made from.

An emerging trend to keep your eye on, here are our top picks for incorporating this trend into your next project.


Bay armchair

The seeming simple design showcases a striking contrast between the front metal legs, back wooden legs and upholstered seat.

Bowl low table

Combining a handcrafted bowl like wooden table top in an intricate layered look with narrow steel legs to strike the perfect balance.

Americano armchair

A simple design that merges industrial style tubular metal frame with cushioned comfort, the Americano proves simplicity still means stylish.

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