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How Outdoor Stackable Café Chairs Can Help Increase Your Profit


Can outdoor stackable chairs help to increase profit for Cafes?

The answer is 'yes'. Outdoor stackable chairs have been a turning point in many cafes and have soared in popularity, because of their vast benefits over the years. These benefits allow a business to either save money or make more money. The alternative options to outdoor stackable chairs for a small cafe could be no chairs or non-stackable chairs, neither of which might work as possibilities.

If you have found the perfect venue for a successful cafe, or it's time for a refresh of your current one, you would have already put in a lot of research and work to ensure this project gets off the ground.

The pressure is on you to make sure that the cafe refurbishment is completed, within budget, and that the result captures the cafe's brand or personality.

Reminisce about the last time you enjoyed eating outside at a cafe. What made you take the step to venture outdoors and not eat inside? What visually impressed you? Perhaps it was the immaculate exterior look that enticed you. Was it the setting or the cozy arrangement of the array of snazzy furniture that lured you? Well, of course, you may say the wide and varied menu or the weather elements. However, if we want to have an enjoyable experience, normally we will have to take a minute to make sure that everything in the cafe, is ready for our enjoyment. From furniture to lighting, the outdoor decor, and decorations. Every little detail counts to make our time and lunch away from home, a comforting and enjoyable experience where we would go back again, in a heartbeat.

Implementing a refurbishment of a new cafe is not a 5-minute task. It takes a lot of thought and time. Sometimes the smallest spaces, such as the outside space, take the most time to plan to both optimise and capture the right aesthetic. This is especially true for venues whose outside space is at the front of the venue on a pavement.

If you have ever tried to source products yourself via the internet, you will see there are thousands of options, made around the world, made of lots of different materials, and these products all vary in quality, price, and time frames for when they can be made and delivered.

It's time to take a deep breath. Stop. This is when you realise that getting an expert team of creative furniture advisors and designers will make your life so much easier. Working with a team of people who do this every day means you are talking to experts who can help you avoid the pitfalls when it comes to ordering furniture.

If you have a cafe with a small outside space these are some key considerations:

- Comfort vs stacking capacity

- size vs number of covers

- storage space/area

- weight

We have a range of outside stackable chairs which range in comfort, stacking capacity, materials, weight, and price.

Talk to one of our friendly advisors who will listen to your ideas, look at your mood boards, and then source products for you, or look at getting a bespoke design quote. They can advise you on timescales and look at the most cost-effective solution.

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