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Commercial Outdoor Furniture | How to Select Your New Outdoor Table Top's


Why buy a completely new table when there is nothing wrong with the table base? You can give your outdoor restaurant furniture a completely new look with weather-resistant table tops.

All commercial outdoor restaurant furniture is built to be durable out of necessity. If you think about it, the day in the life of one restaurant table can include breakfast, coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and drinks. During this time, the table might easily have 10-20 different guests depending on the venue type, during which, drinks and food will have been spilt, surfaces would have been cleaned using chemicals and hot dishes may have been bought out. Yet the table needs to look attractive to new guests.

The life of an outdoor restaurant table endures all this use plus the elements of weather. Hot sun, rain and cold and yet still needs to look good and perform.

At Inside Out Contracts we offer 4 different materials for commercial table tops. Each material type has pros and cons when it comes to being used in outdoor restaurant furniture. We have put the below information together to help you find the right material for you, and your location. If you still have a question though, simply contact us and we will help you find the right material for your needs and budget.

The weather resistant table top materials for outdoor restaurant furniture include:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Laminate
  • Stone


- Oak, teak, and pine are three of the most common garden furniture materials, quite popular
- Gives an authentic and rustic (made in a plain and simple fashion.) feel
- Can last over a decade if properly cared for
- Recyclable

- wood is prone to rotting and will require regular maintenance in order for it to last for multiple years.
- Prone to movement
- Wood may shrink and swell when seasons change due to higher and lower levels of moisture, which can cause problems with paintwork. Also when moisture starts to penetrate wood’s exterior, it will start to expand and eventually split.


- One of the big advantages of using metal outdoor furniture is that it is going to be very durable.
- With metal furniture, you can leave it outside year-round without worrying about it.
- The cleaning methods for metal are quite easy. You are only going to need to take a rag and wipe it down periodically, You can use dishwashing detergent mix with water in order to clean the furniture and, You can also purchase metal outdoor furniture cleaners that are specially designed for this type of furniture.

- Metal tends to be very heavy and bulky. meaning that if you ever need to move it from one place to another, it can be very difficult.
- Metal outdoor furniture tends to be more expensive than other options that you might have. This means that if you are on a limited budget, you might find it more practical to go with another type of furniture, that can fulfil the same purpose.
- Temperature absorption. When the temperature outside is very hot, you may not be able to sit on your metal furniture because it will burn you. When it is cold, you will have to deal with the same problem.
- Metal rusts quickly, and may need regular maintenance

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