In Focus | Eco Walls

- Mar 09, 2021

Eco Walls are an extremely innovative and commendable piece of design that regenerate plastic in a sustainable bid to create attractive outdoor dividers.

With outdoor spaces becoming more desirable we welcome new and sustainable ways of decorating and dividing up our outdoor space to make it functional and attractive!

The Komodo Eco Wall is an extremely innovative and commendable piece of design by Rafaello Galiotto as part of a Regeneration Project to re-use plastic.

The Eco Wall uses plastic polypropylene products that are at the end of their life cycle, which are then re-moulded into fibre-glass resin boxes used to create attractive and functional modular partitions.

Consisting of separate blocks that can be freely combined vertically or horizontally and stacked in sets of 3, they are made to complement the aesthetics of the environment whilst also creating privacy in an outdoor environment.

Their lightweight structure makes them easily repositionable and proves that they have been designed not only with ideology and aesthetics in mind but with thought for purpose. The elegant latticework is, nevertheless, extremely attractive and unique; reminiscent of the branches of trees.

They have a matte finish and are uniformly coloured but, as they are hollow they can be filled with plants for decorative purposes to add a natural backdrop that is in keeping with their green principles.

New for 2021 is the Sipari partition and planter that offers the same sustainable materials and attractive appearance in a slightly different form.