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The road to reopening has been revealed; get ahead of the crowds and regenerate your outdoor and indoor spaces to be ready to welcome guests.


Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces will be the first to admit us on April 12th, so why not make the most of the time we have left to revitalise their layouts and inject some style.

We have been increasing our selection of sparkling outdoor pieces from lounge collections to dining sets, not to forget new accessories such as parasols and heaters. We know that it's not all about style (though style is extremely important), but also about practicality, so wherever you are, and whatever the weather, take adequate preparation to shade, heat, and seat in comfort.

Indoor Spaces

There is a lot of time to revive your interiors before the crowds return, and we think they'll be returning with a fervour and determination to make up for lost time. So why not make them worthy of celebration and #Insta-ready and you'll be trending before you know it.

We even have a new collection of accessories we never knew we needed; from sanitiser stations to screens, reassure customers that your space is safe.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Brush off the cobwebs and wipe down the surfaces; guests are returning. With cleaning protocols an even bigger priority than before it's important that you're mindful of your furniture as well as your customers. It is worth checking the maintenance instructions for your products, as different materials respond differently to certain chemicals and it is not worth making a mistake and causing unsightly damage.

We have a brochure made specifically to help you understand the do's and dont's for a product's maintenance.

Read the brochure here >>

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