In Focus | Stafford Hotel

Recent Projects
- Feb 23, 2021

Take a closer look behind the scenes at our design team's work for the Stafford Hotel in Central London. With a range of products created bespoke for the client, a traditional English interior full of rich tones and soft muted colours was created.

Our Account Manager Kasra Keshmiri reflects on his work with Rosendale Design:

"It's always a privilege to work with Rosendale, we've now worked together on countless projects.

The trickiest part with the Stafford Hotel was to find a sofa bed to fit in with the aesthetics. It's not a product that is often design-led, they're normally designed only with practicality in mind. So, to counter the limited options, we came up with a bespoke solution - our Singapore sofa bed. It's in-keeping with the mixed art-deco and English heritage design and was ultimately very well-received by the client."

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