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Creating a home from a care home is not always easy; it is a fairly recent objective in the healthcare industry and one that has definitely changed things for the better. We supply furniture to a range of healthcare properties, from care and nursing homes to cancer care units, retirement villages, and retreats. It is important to identify keywords that crop up in furnishing these healthcare environments.

01: Wellness

Moving to a retirement village or assisted living can be a huge upheaval when you have been used to your own home and your own routine. Because of this it is important to create a sense of wellness. This can be achieved through colour, style, and placement. An overcrowded room won't instill tranquility, neither will a gaudy room. Wellness should be at the forefront of design schemes for healthcare.

02: Community

The sense of community that can come from residential care homes and assisted living locations is one of the major benefits of uprooting and moving there. Communal spaces are highly important and should be carefully designed to enthuse a sense of community.

03: Care

The furniture chosen must aid the carers and employees of these facilities so that residents can do as much as they can for themselves. Armrests on furniture, higher seats, sturdier chairs and extra foam as well as hygienic materials and easy-clean fabrics can all aid with the level of care offered.

04: Practicality

Following on from care, these features provide practical solutions to sitting down and standing up, cleaning stains, providing lumbar support, alleviating illnesses and much more.

05: Support

Lumbar support is one of the main requirements for residents. Chairs that support the neck, back, and shoulders make life that bit more easy for people who need it. Supporting your own body can cause lots of strain so if the furniture can do it for you, why not take advantage of that?

06: Durability

If the furniture is long-lasting it means you won't have to reconsider all of these points within a short time frame. Furniture that is not easily broken, damaged or stained will enable you to get use out of it for a long time for multiple occupants and is also cost-effective.

07: High Back

The perfect chair solution for support. High back chairs are one of the most popular items called for in healthcare industries. It enables occupants to sit back and fully relax without straining their muscles and joints.

08: Comfort

Of course comfort is of the utmost importance. Most residents will be living in these properties full time and so they need to be as comfortable and homely as possible. Chair choice is the easiest way to achieve this.

09: Curved Edges

You don't want sharp edges and hard lines on the furniture that you choose for healthcare locations. They provide unnecessary hazards that can be easily avoided if the furniture is chosen with thought given to curved edges.

10: Luxury

Though this is not something you might consider for healthcare, we at Inside Out strive to provide a luxury living environment for residents because who doesn't deserve to live in luxury? Our furniture can provide the aesthetic glamour and cosy comfort that one needs to feel "luxurious" in their day-to-day living.

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