In the Know | Seat Height to Table Height Guide

- Jul 13, 2021

There's more to planning a space than just the aesthetic of the design. You can't forget all of the logistics! We have a space planning service that can help you with this, or alternatively, take a look at our quick guide here for matching your chairs and your tables.

The two types of height usually used in conjunction with chairs that must fit underneath are dining tables and poseur tables. For each, it is important to have a gap of between 240 and 300mm from the seat to the bottom of the tabletop. The ideal distance is 260 mm.

It is also important to take into consideration whether there is a drop-down edge under the tabletop, as that will reduce the gap.

A standard Dining table is 760mm high. Therefore a chair should be 450-500mm. This is the standard height of most of the dining chairs that we supply.

A standard Poseur table is 1100mm high. Therefore an ideal stool should be 800mm which is also the standard height of our bar stools.