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Finding a stool that is appropriate for your needs is a simple process if you know your counter stools from your bar stools and your low stools from your ottomans. Find all you need below about our various stool categories.

Many of our bar stools come with the option of being bar-height or counter-height. This is an important consideration as it is paramount to the comfort of the user. The ideal gap between a seat and table surface is 250mm. This will create the ultimate comfort for reaching for that tipple and any bar nibbles! It's these little things that we don't necessarily notice as a consumer (but that have been considered for us) that make all the difference.

Bar-height stool

750 - 810 mm

The average height of a commercial bar is 1000 - 1100mm, and the ideal gap between a seat and table surface is 250mm to leave room for knees to rest comfortably. For this to be the case a bar stool should be between 750-810mm depending on the height of the bar.

Counter-height stool

650 - 700mm

Countertops used in kitchens, cafes and some workspaces are generally a different height to commercial bars. They are usually 900mm and so a counter height stool is necessary to provide practical comfort. Therefore, an ideal counter height stool is between 650-700mm.

Low Stool / Ottoman / Pouf / Footstool

Interchangeable titles grace the many products in our Low stool category. There are stools to be seated, stools for your feet and stools that can be used as extra tables. They are versatile pieces that finish off collections or provide an alternative visual to a seating collection. The height is obviously dependent on the use. If it is a stool to be seated on for dining an ideal height would be 450-510mm. A footstool should be no shorter than 50mm below the seat height of your sofa or lounge chair.

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