In the Know | Vinyl Care

- Jun 29, 2021

With a rise in antiseptic wipes and surface sprays being used for cleaning products, there is a growing problem with vinyl (PVC) fabrics cracking due to the chemicals.

Antiseptic cleaning solutions are important to maintain hygiene standards in an increasingly health-conscious world. We are able to supply vinyl fabrics that are resistant to the wear and tear that disinfectants can result in. From cracking, to splitting, to stretching, these fabrics stand up to the test.

Let's look at why vinyl upholstery has a tendency to crack:

  • Vinyl is finished with a clear topcoat that seals plasticizers in place - when this wears away or damages the PVC cracks.
  • Most vinyls are manufactured with a thin coating that will break down if harsh chemicals are used.
  • The advent of covid means that there is an increase in harsh chemicals to prevent germs - this will speed up the delamination of the vinyls which in the end will result splitting that infection can manifest in.

We have a range of coated synthetic leathers with a unique finish designed to prevent this damage. Whilst damage should not occur, they also come with a 10-year guarantee for any cracking, splitting or stretching.

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