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Focus on Hannah | 2 Years and Counting

Can you remember August 2021?

It is Hannah's 2 year work anniversary at Inside Out Contracts. So, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to ask Hannah about the past 2 years and what it has been like working for Inside Out Contracts.

Before we dive in and ask Hannah some questions, we would like you to think back to August 2021. Can you think what were you doing in August 2021?

Like most of us you were probably booking an outdoor table space if meeting friends at a restaurant and if you were using public transport you were wearing a mask with hand sanitiser at the ready.

Fast forward to 2023 and Covid regulations feel like a distant memory. So much change has happened, that the past 2 years feels like a whirlwind, especially in the hospitality sector.

Q1) What was life like for you in the summer of 2021?

I was luck enough to be living in Holland Park, near Portobello Road/Notting Hill. It was slightly surreal though because it was like a different version of Portobello Road. The version where pubs were closed, signage to keep your distance was on the pavement and the streets which usually bustled were empty.

Outside socialising was possible and the restaurants overflowed from the pavements onto the roads, with big heaters to keep everyone warm.

Hannah 2 year Blog 6
Pictures from Notting Hill during the summer of 2021

Q2) Why did Inside Out Contracts catch your eye?

I loved living around Portobello Road because of the creativity, art and design in the local area. Whether it was a high end piece of art or colourful cardigans, there is so much inspiration in the range of textiles and patterns in the area.

I had always had a love of art and design so Inside Out Contracts is a great fit for me, as I love being surrounded by design and textiles.

Q3) What were some highlights from 2022

2022 was epic! 2021 I had noticed in my local area that retail and service venues like banks and post offices had suffered during covid and branches had closed down. However, just like spring after a cold winter, suddenly there was a new lease of life with new hospitality venues opening.

There was an emergence of new hotels, high end cocktail bars and restaurants. It was so wonderful to see and to see neighbourhoods re-energised with these amazingly designed new venues.

I remember doing some late night photography at The Glasshouse NYX. I wanted to try to get a great sunset photograph. However, when I went, it was the longest day of the year and so I was waiting into night before dusk started to appear. It is amazing to be able to see these new venues which are like living works of art.

Hannah 2 year Blog 4
The Glasshouse at NYX opens

There were also some really amazing project opening events to go too. Its moments like this where you see the venue come alive with people, drinks, music and food that you can feel the magic of the interior design start to sparkle.

Hannah 2 year Blog
Project Opening Event

I also really enjoyed going to a range of Design events in London at different points over the year. There is always so much energy and passion for commercial interior design, that it's impossible not to feel energised by the buzz around you.

Hannah 2 year Blog 3

A key observation is seeing the change in High Street venues. Ruby Zoe's bar 20 years ago was a high end restaurant called Pharmacy. When that closed, it became a Marks and Spencers Food Hall. M&S moved location and a year later, Ruby Zoes has now opened in 2023.

Viajante 87 also opened on Notting Hill High street earlier in the year and its clear to see that the high streets are changing and becoming more focused towards hospitality venues.

New wave of Hotel Chains replacing high street retail venues

The past 2 years has been a really exciting journey, to see huge change and transformation in the hospitality industry.

I am sure the next 2 years will be full of change and I am so excited to be apart of such a colourful industry.

Hannah 2 year Blog

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