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Luxury Restaurant Furniture | 3 Things You Wish You Had Known Earlier.

Luxury Restaurant Furniture | 3 Things You Wish You Had Known Earlier.

How do you know if the contract furniture you are looking at on the internet is overpriced or a genuine luxury furniture item that is value for money?

Typically, you would expect luxury furniture to be more expensive because of the quality of fabrics, finishes, and details that the product might have. However, when looking at furniture on the internet, how can you tell that the product is made to the quality that you need and will look as you expect it to? After all, computer screens can alter colours marginally or the dimensions or shape might look slightly different from how you would expect it to when you see an item in front of you. Yet, you don’t always have the time to wait for material or chair samples. You can feel caught in a dilemma of needing to move the project forward and hoping that what you have ordered will be the right product for your venue, in the right fabrics, which can feel a little bit like a leap of faith.

So, if you are in the situation of being time-poor and sourcing luxury restaurant furniture, here are 3 things you will have wished you had known earlier for saving time and avoiding costly mistakes:

  1. Fabric Samples | Always request fabric samples as these usually take 2-3 days to be delivered. So, even if time- poor, it is worth the wait as you will be able to feel the fabric and see the colour. This is your first way to be able to test the quality of a product before you buy or commission items to be manufactured.
  2. Bespoke furniture | Sometimes, if it is a statement piece of furniture or just something unusual you like, creating a bespoke design can be more cost-effective. This also has the additional benefit of being able to have a QR quote which you can scan on your phone, to be able to visualise the furniture item in your venue, before it is commissioned in the finishes you have requested. Thus, giving you added reassurance that what you are purchasing is the right fit. Bespoke furniture does have a 2-week design process but is often manufactured in the UK, so is always worth looking into for luxury restaurant furniture, as it can be cost-effective and time efficient compared to other options.
  3. Experienced | a reputable contract furniture company, like Inside Out Contracts, will only provide furniture which meets industry standards. It is always worth sourcing a reputable furniture supplier who has a solid foundation of experience, who can show you past examples and can offer reviews and testimonials for the kind of projects which you are looking at. It is in this experience that you will be able to see the expert guidance in practice and feel reassured that the advice that you are being provided with, is going to be the best to help you achieve your goals of sourcing the right products for your project, within a timescale and budget which works for you. Inside out Contracts has a page dedicated to bespoke furniture and luxury restaurant furniture, which can show videos of past projects as well as hearing directly from the client and learning about their experience of working with us.

If you are an interior designer or architect wanting to share the helpful tips that you have learned for buying luxury restaurant furniture, do drop us a message in the form below.

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