Optimising Space Through Furniture

Emilio Nanni: Optimising Space Through Furniture

Do you have a small but perfectly formed space to create an interior design for, for a cafe, bar or restaurant? Its at moments like this when you can thank furniture designers such as Emilio Nanni who designed his range of Puccio stools with small venues in mind.

Of course there are many creative options and ideas for furniture which works perfectly with small hospitality spaces in mind. However, today, we are going to look at why the Puccio range, originally designed in 2017, is a great option worth considering for small spaces.

The Puccio range was originally inspired by milking stools. These were used in the 1800's by milkmaids who would carry the stools and bucket with them to the fields or cowsheds. For this reason, they were small, compact and easy to carry. As Emilio said "thanks to its functionality, has survived the passing of the centuries without change." With this humble and wholesome beginning, Emilio, took a classic, basic stool and added his creative energy to it, as he saw the potential for this humble item to be used in modern hospitality spaces. The legs have sleek and slender lines to create a modern version of this classic stool. In his own words, he said "I created a collection of stools, benches, tables and chairs designed to furnish smaller spaces, such as those of a sidewalk."

Emilio also looked at the options when it came to modern materials and said "in addition to the ash version, which expresses the warmth of wood, the Puccio family is also available in steel, lighter, more essential and sophisticated".

2023 sees the birth of the PUCCIO chair to complete a family that is increasingly appreciated for its versatility; the PUCCIO chair is a hybrid: the milking stool is enriched by the backrest to offer support and an easy grip, maintaining the peculiarity of being a handy, functional object, alternative in design and declinable in situations where space is essential.


Fleuron: Constance Guisset designer

Puccio: Emilio Nanni designer

Photography: Mattia Balsamini for both.

Emilio Nanni Billiani
Emilio Nanni
Furniture Designer

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