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Outdoor Furniture | 3 Quick Tips for Selecting Outdoor Stackable Chairs


Do you have a hospitality venue with an outside space that you want to optimise? If you do, you will no doubt be considering outdoor stackable chairs when refreshing your outside space.

TIP 1: Establish your needs

Deciding which type of chair is right for you, is about clearly identifying your needs and priorities. We recommend that you ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. How do you want to use the space and what flexibility with layout do you need?
  2. Where will you be storing the chairs and how often do you need to store them?
  3. What comfort level do you want?

Once you have answered these questions you will know if you want to focus on higher comfort products like:

  • Toulouse Bistro Chair
  • Panarea lounge chair
  • Rivulet Armchair

Or lower comfort but higher stacking volume/takes up less space when stacked:

  • Fraiche woven stacking chair
  • Liberty side chair
  • Nolita side chair

See featured products below.

TIP 2: Ask the right buying questions

When you find the chairs which fits the style of your brand and venue, there are some other practical questions worth asking:

  • How many chairs ‘high’ can be stacked?
  • Are there protection covers for the chairs, if they are to be stacked and left outside?
  • How can I clean and maintain the chairs?
  • If the product has upholstery and foam – what do you I need to know? For example, there is a difference between waterproof foam and quick dry foams or different types of weather resistant fabrics such as EMU-Tex and HPL.
  • Understand the maintenance for materials: For example, how you maintain ABS or Aluminium is different to how you would maintain Steel or Stainless Steel. ABS or Aluminium Frames should be cleaned using a damp cloth and, where necessary, a mild/neutral detergent. However, if a frame is made out of steel, then ideally the furniture should be kept indoors during winter and if kept near the sea, then it is recommended to clean the metal surfaces with a soft cloth using water or detergent and then protect them with Vaseline oil or car wax.
  • Get a chair trolley: To help minimise the risk of damage to the chairs or flooring, we recommend that chairs are transported using a chair trolley. Chair trolleys make transporting stacks from storage to a venue or room far easier, reducing time setting up and protecting your staff from carrying chairs through corridors or up and down stairs..
  • Metal Polish if product is chrome: Improving the appearance of old chrome can be achieved by using a proprietary metal polish suitable for chrome.

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