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Outdoor Rope Furniture | Top Picks 2022


Have you ever wondered what the most stylish outdoor furniture is? It could be worth considering outdoor rope furniture if you are working on a restaurants or hotel design and wanting to add a feel of luxury to the space.

Outdoor rope furniture was used by luxury yachts and then adopted by hospitality, not only because of the eye-catching designs which can be created and incredible comfort for customers, there is also minimal maintenance for the hospitality venue. It is a win-win product for everyone by those who use the product and look after it.

Our outdoor rope furniture top picks for 2022 include:

  • Lorenzo bar stool
  • Lorenzo armchair
  • Antonella Chair
  • Fiorella Chair
  • Litus Lounge Chair

You can view these products which we have included in the related products section below.

You will notice that the Lorenzo bar stool and armchair has a dramatic and chunky woven rope design which comes in a range of neutral colours, whilst the Antonella chair mixes a softer woven design with the practicality of being able to be stackable.

Whatever your requirements for your restaurant or hotel, outdoor rope furniture offers a wide range of styles and comfort to suit your needs.

Top Care Tips for Outdoor Rope Furniture

As with anything that is kept outdoors, proper care and maintenance of these pieces will ensure that they last longer and continue to look good.

It is always recommended to cover or store your outdoor furniture when there is extreme, especially dangerous weather.

It is also important to wipe any spills as quickly as possible. To spot clean an area apply a mist of mild soapy water and work in the solution with a soft cloth by blotting or using light pressure. Then rinse off the solution thoroughly and allow it to air dry. Do not use abrasive materials, excessive scrubbing or a high-pressure hose. And please keep sharp objects away from the rope to avoid any cutting or fraying.

To learn more about outdoor contract furniture, click here.

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