Pod Practicalities | 8 Benefits of Outdoor Pods


Wondering what the benefits are of our new and exciting outdoor pods?

Outdoor areas are the ideal catering spot in corona times: fresh, open air means much less risk of contamination. Let’s take advantage of these areas that are now our strengths and provide them with the means to be seated in style and safety. Help customers want to sit outside, where they can safely enjoy the nice weather whilst being out and about.

That's not the only reason to use these innovative structures in your venues, read below for a breakdown of their benefits.

1: Shelter from all weathers

Spring weather (especially this year) is pretty unpredictable. We have a shimmering of sunshine and then a showering of rain. Sometimes even a smattering of snow! Our pods offer the opportunity to stay outside even when you need some shelter as well as offering shade on those blazing hot summer days!

2: Enticing secluded area

Scan the line of identical tables and chairs and alight your eyes upon the unique outdoor pod, secluded from the rest. Which would you choose? Pods bring bookings. Everyone wants to experience something a little out of the ordinary.

3: Outside without being Outside

Yes, we have to be outside right now, but not all of us want to feel like we're outside. The pods provide that indoor/outdoor atmosphere that pleases everybody whether you want to connect to nature and the fresh air or feel more like you're cosied up with a blanket in a luxury lounge.

4: Focal Point

Instagram has had a bit of a lull over the last year, hasn't it? We can be certain that many people will be wanting to take advantage of photo opportunities, and these pretty pods will look great in person and online, especially when decorated with strings of fairy lights and other ambient lighting.

5: Sustainably Made

The pods use FSC wood for their construction which means that it has been responsibly sourced as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. They certify forests all over the world to ensure that they meet the highest environmental and social standards. This means that our pods are made considerately for the environment.

6: Quick Lead Times

Depending on the quantities ordered, we can make your pods from scratch with a turnaround as quick as a week. From planks of wood and pots of paint to a fully constructed shelter with table and seating included. We won't keep you waiting.

7: Low Maintenance

The laminate coating provides easy cleaning, making life easier for staff and safer for customers. It can be wiped down easily which will prevent bacteria and germs from lingering; an important practicality in the "new normal".

8: Customisable

We have a standard range of pretty pastels and natural wood, but if your creative juices are flowing feel free to get in touch with our team and tell us your wildest dreams for the designs of these pods.

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