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Pursuing Sustainability | A New Idea For Excellence in Furniture Design


As Milan 2022 is due to begin we are excited to see and experience the energy and innovation within furniture design this year. Even more inspiring is that this will be the first show with Salone Del Mobile’s new president. In 2021 Maria Porro was announced as the New President of Salone Del Mobile and with her came a strong position on sustainability.

Could Maria Porro be a voice, which will help to drive sustainability as a core value, not just for the furniture design and manufacturing industry, but the leap into the business mindset of hospitality venues around the globe?

Having read the article in December 2021, titled ‘Maria Porro: pursuing sustainability and building the future’ which picks up on Assarredo Claudio Feltrin Code of Conduct on sustainability, Maria Porro supported the idea that ‘sustainability is an act of responsibility, born from a shared feeling’.

At Inside Out Contracts we always work hard to promote sustainable fabrics, materials, and products. Each year we hire design apprentices, teaching the value of sustainability within furniture design and manufacture. So, we are delighted to see that Salone Del Mobile is also working hard to develop its relationships with the universities and research in the field of sustainability.

We also found the article ‘Five experimental materials for the future of design and architecture’ fascinating. It’s through working together globally and sharing knowledge and insights that we will be able to find the solutions to a more sustainable world. We look forward to watching the development behind the materials such as ‘world’s first fossil-free steel, produced using green hydrogen’ developed in Sweden and the progress of Dutch biological materials. Every contribution to the innovation of sustainable materials counts towards making change.

We look forward to Salone Del Mobile, Milano being created with sustainability in mind, but also filled with more products created with sustainable materials and manufacturers as a primary focus.

See below, for some of our products which were made with sustainable materials or click here to see our sustainable furniture page.

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