Restaurant Furniture. 5 Brilliant Ways to use a Hint of Pink

Restaurant Furniture | 5 Brilliant Ways To Use A Hint of Pink

Restaurant Furniture | 5 Brilliant Ways To Use A Hint Of Pink

Are you looking at 50 shades of Pink and wondering where to start with the restaurant interior design brief you have been given? Quite often Interior Designers are given a creative brief, with a colour palette for a restaurant or lounge area, along with, a few contrasting inspiration images of restaurant furniture to capture the essence of the end result. From this, the client would like the perfect end result for their venue and brand, somewhere their clients will be happy and relaxed in. Your job is to source the right ingredients in the right quantities, like creating the perfect food recipe for your client’s taste.

So where do you start? At Inside Out Contracts we like to help our clients by understanding the briefs they have been given and the mood boards they have put together. A great start is to show us your ideas, colour pallets and mood board. Together, we can then look at materials and furniture options which could work for you. Our expertise in knowing and understanding suppliers can really help to source the right products and support you in bringing all the different elements together.

Let’s look at how you can use a hint of pink in your interior design, using furniture, without pink dominating the room. This will create a soft relaxing feminine ambiance, rather than a strong statement.

5 Brilliant Ways to Use a Hint of Pink

Have you considered luscious palm leaves mixed in with hint of pink and a dash of grey, in your restaurant or café interior design? Let’s assume that this is the colour scheme you are using. What are the options for adding a hint of pink into the restaurant furniture?

1. Restaurant Chairs | Select a chair with a padded seat. If we look at the new Arlo family, made up of a lounge chair, side chair and bench, we can see that there is a cane back but the seat allows for upholstery. Just having a small area for upholstery allows pink to be added to just the seat area, or if you wanted a stronger pink element, to choose a pink frame. GioLato is a good example, with the Vienna Stool having a contrasting cushion to the lighter colour frame.

2. Restaurant Chairs | Select a chair with upholstery and a wooden frame or legs. If you do decide to use an upholstered chair you would want to consider contrasting with a white table, to get a balance of colour. You may also consider selecting a chair which can accommodate different fabric on the back of the chair to the front.

3. Restaurant Seating | Select pink banquette seating and contrast with wooden or white/grey chairs. The Glow Bar and The Juice Smith are perfect examples of this type of approach.

4. Restaurant Tables | Pink marble is a material which we have more recently seen being used more. EL&N have used a highly contrasting marble to work with their soft pink seating, however, we have seen pink marble being selected as the only pink used in the furniture selection

5. Restaurant Bar Stools | Have you considered rope furniture in pink? The Alexander Bar stool is a perfect example of a white frame used with pink rope. This gives a very soft and gentle feel because of the texture the rope gives to the stool. It really does add that hint of pink

Can you think of another brilliant way to introduce a hint of pink into a restaurant interior design through the restaurant furniture? Is so, let us know as we are always interested in your ideas.

Restaurant Seating | Arlo Lounge Chair
Restaurant Seating | Arlo Lounge Chair
Restaurant Seating | Alexander Bar Stool
Restaurant Seating | Alexander Bar Stool

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