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Our Banquette seating is designed and manufactured here in the UK. We have many variations available for you to choose from and here is a breakdown of the styles that we have pre-drawn. If you are dreaming up something that you can't see, just get in touch! We can see if we can do it for you.

Plain back

Plain-back banquette seating is a standard choice for restaurants, cafes, bars, offices and schools that want to maximise space and covers.

Low back

A low back is a great option for tricky spaces as it takes up a lot less room than the traditional high back alternatives.

Deep Button

The deep button style of this Banquette seating lends a traditional air that can be modernised with custom fabric for the buttons and upholstery. This version has a curved top

Deep Button 2

This deep-button style has a straight top, but still combines traditional and contemporary styles and has room to be customised to fit a specific design vision.

Surface Button

The surface buttons on this Banquette seating fuse contemporary and traditional design, adding a feel of luxury.


The vertical fluting of this Banquette seating draws attention away from unusually shaped rooms, adding the dimension of structured straight lines. Create a smart modern and metropolitan feel with vertical fluting.

Fluted - Narrow

With narrower fluting this banquette seating holds an extra dose of sophistication to the standard fluted back.

Fluted - Wide

This Banquette seating sports wide, vertical fluting which creates the illusion of extra space whilst maximising actual space.

Full fluting

The straight-edged fluting of this banquette seating adds another layer of interest to its style.

Fluted & Roll

The combination of vertical fluting with a horizontal roll provides an enhanced level of comfort at the same time as maximising space.

Fluted & Roll - Narrow

A more toned-down alternative to our other Fluted & Roll Banquette seat, the combination of vertical and horizontal roles provides an extra level of comfort.

High Roll

This practical option for maximising space holds simplicity and comfort at the forefront of its design, with a plain back and horizontal roll at the top for support.

Can't find what you're looking for? Talk to our design team and specify what you're after - they would be more than happy to draw it up for you! To contact click here >>

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