Business Awards Shortlist 2021 3
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Business Awards Shortlist 2021 3
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The Future of Innovation | Business Awards Shortlist for Innovation

The Future of Innovation | Business Awards Shortlist for Innovation

Is innovation important to design?

Probably, like us, you think innovation is to creative contract furniture, as important as water is to fish.

Whilst classic design has its place, contemporary innovative furniture design seeks to work with new technologies, the latest materials and inspires new shapes, textiles and durability.

Our passion for creative thinking, is something that has been recognised by the Royal Greenwich Business Awards, as we have been short listed for the Innovation Award 2021.

The Best of Royal Greenwich Business Awards 2021, aims to celebrate and recognise what businesses have achieved over the last 18 months despite the challenges of the pandemic. It also recognises how businesses have adapted and innovated to sustain their business.

Being shortlisted for an award in innovation, allowed us to think about what innovation means to the businesses and industries we work for and how it can help them become more profitable in the future through innovation.

We think there could be 3 main ways that innovation can help businesses become more profitable in the future through new technologies impacting creative contract furniture:

  • Augmented Reality in 3D furniture design and space planning – giving a better sense of scale, colour and how something will look before a product is made
  • Recycling – plastic waste into urban furniture. Watch this space as some exciting new designs start to reach the industry
  • 3D Printing – we are looking closely at how 3D printing is starting to work with plastic, ceramics, glass, metal and even concrete. In the future this could have an impact on the manufacturing process and the way we produce items with no waste.

Always thinking ahead, 22 years later, Inside Out Contracts has grown into a pioneering UK creative contract furniture company producing some of the most cutting edge and desirable furniture in the industry.

We are currently working on creating innovative designs which are created with luxurious sustainable materials, which are manufactured in the UK. Luxury and sustainability aren’t usually something you hear in the same sentence. Sustainability often leads creatives to think ‘ugly’ but we are seeing some pioneering technologies entering the industry, allowing for beautiful and sustainable designs. Over the next few months, we will be releasing some new luxury sustainable furniture products, to help support our value to really care about the world we live in today.

For now, we have some exciting, innovative contract furniture products to view on our website. Always inspired by the ever-changing world around us, we capture inspiration from both our local environment, the people we meet and the places we go. Over the years, we have built an extensive range of furniture for you to be able to find the perfect piece which fits your interior design.

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