TOP 5 of 2020 | Tables

- Dec 01, 2020

🍾 Join us in celebrating the most loved tables of 2020; the definitive list. 🍾

As we wave goodbye to this year and enter 2021, we think that it's important to take the time to reflect on the good things. Here we have 5 pieces that have been widely adored, and it is easy to see why. Let us give them a round of applause. 👏👏👏 Look out for our other Top 5's!

01 | Marble top - Carrara

It's definitely proving very popular to pick your table top and table base rather than a ready-made table. This just shows that there is a desire to be creative and unique which is wonderful. This particular table top is made of high-quality carrara marble quarried in Tuscany.

02 | Zinc table top

Zinc provides a distinctive choice with an appearance that changes over time; starting a beautiful bright silver, it will patina to an aged and sophisticated grey. The use of the table will result in a unique appearance that tells its own story.

03 | Ice Cube Antique Brass Table

For a timeless appeal, antique brass in the simple cylindrical silhouette of the Ice Cube table will be a luxury touch to any design. They are popular in any number of locations and it's easy to see why.

04 | Accent coffee table

The Accent table displays Scandinavian style with its smooth lines and minimal appearance. The tapered, three-legged table's simplicity has proved a hit in a variety of oak stains.

05 | Carraway table

We love that the Carraway table has made the hit list! Its silhouette mirroring the trunk of a tree proves the move towards products affiliated with nature and the outdoors, which in turn highlights a move to sustainability.