Trend | French Modern Design

- Jan 21, 2021

The lure of a stroll down a Parisian street lined with croissant-selling cafes and wrought-iron balconies is slinking its way into our thoughts and influencing our design choices... The French Modern style is indulging our desires...

French style is inherently pared back but with a focus on making a feature of the detail that is there; every aspect is considered - from a simple coffee table to a side chair. It doesn't need to shout, it sits back with a nonchalance and effortlessness that harnesses its own attention.

From rounded shapes, cane and wood combinations, to sculptural elements, there are many ways of capturing contemporary bistro elegance, whether it be with a hint of glamour or a touch of rustic charm. For that je ne sais quoi take a look at the pieces we have picked out from our catalogue below: