Trend | Indoor/Outdoor furniture

- Sep 24, 2020

September is a month in which the weather doesn't know how to make up its mind! When this is the case it's so useful to have furniture that has the potential to be used (and look great) both inside and outside.

There are many materials that can be treated so that they are suitable for outdoor use, and exterior furniture saw a big boom over the summer months. As the weather flits between sunny, cloudy, and the odd lashing of rain, it may not always be possible to sit outside, but you may also want to make the most of the last rays of sun before the nights begin to set in early and the air becomes frosty.

It makes sense then to get your hands on some furniture that will suit all of your needs, and we have lots of products to offer for just that purpose.

The following products offer lightweight solutions such as cut-outs and metal or rattan frames for ease of maneuverability:

Audrey armchair

Summer side chair

The following products have treatments that protect them from weather conditions:

Geode armchair

Cricket armchair

The following products make a real statement and have removable cushions, ensuring that they look good wherever you decide to place them:

Hoop armchair

Encanter high back chair