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What has been your personal experience of Milan Design Week 2022?

I always look forward to going to Milan to meet up with our suppliers and see the new trends that will shape what products are used in our projects, in the years ahead. You could feel the electricity in the air as design lovers from all over the world gathered to see the latest furniture releases. We enjoyed the human interaction that has not been possible in the last few years and got to sneak a few moments to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Personally, I was very happy to see sustainability and responsibility continuing to be a consistent theme not only in the products being presented but also in the way in which they were displayed. This year there seemed to be less “excess”.

I am also happy to report that the lines for food were much more manageable this year than any previous year.

What has been your event highlight at Milan Design Week 2022?

Finally being able to meet face to face and hear the passion expressed for the furniture being presented was a real highlight. Zoom and emails have been a great way to stay updated but nothing beats being able to see and touch the new designs in person.

There was a continued refinement in finishes with marbles, velvets and a focus on comfort being popular. Shiny metals moved to more muted and matt finishes and it was lovely to see these combined with bright colours such as pinks, blues, and yellows.

Details continued to be important with an emphasis on the quality of materials and production. One feature I really liked was “shadow” gaps between the seat of chairs and the legs to create a “floating” effect. A notable theme of plump and chunky furniture with rounded lines was visible throughout the whole fair. I have attached examples of some of my personal favourites.

Last but not least it was fantastic to see the gap between the cost of production and sustainability being addressed with many more cost-effective options available. Even better was to hear that they are already in production and ready for our customers to use in their projects.

Read Design Insider's latest trend report featuring Justin Harrison's experiences opinions and insights.

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