Trend | Warming Velvets

- Nov 05, 2020

Bonfire Night is brewing and we are revelling in the falling of the leaves in all their copper and cadmium glory. Is there anything more perfect than a deep, plush velvet to wilt into and while the night away...

From crushed, to quilted, to smooth in its epitome of soft and luxuriousness, there is a velvet for every occasion. A fixture of high-end home-decor design, velvet comes from a specific weaving process and is a result of the direction in which the threads are cut to create a pile that offers that special light-reflecting sheen and soft texture.

The Kye side chair above is a perfect example that provides all that honeycomb goodness with its hexagonal quilting of the plush material.

We have a selection of velvets in our fabric ranges to choose from. They come in a huge variety of colours from deep burgundies to apple greens and sunshine yellows. Don't forget that you can use our sample service to get samples of the fabrics posted directly to you in the office or at home if you would like to have a look at them.