What is a Tub Chair?

- Jul 15, 2021

You've got your armchairs and your side chairs - pretty obvious - and even your lounge chairs which are quite self explanatory, but what about your tub chairs?

A tub chair is a variation of armchair. Its defining feature is that the backrest slopes around into armrests in a continuous semicircle. They can also be known as 'easy chairs' or 'barrel chairs'. The deep seat offers a superior level of comfort to sink into the cushions and the back provides support.

The large surface area also provides you with a canvas for making a statement with your upholstery choices.

The only thing to think about with a tub chair, is that if used for dining, the arms generally come up higher than a standard armchair. If the arms do not fit beneath the surface of your dining table then it could cause annoyance for either guests, or staff when trying to tidy away and save space. Our account managers can advise on this. To enquire click here >>