What is contract furniture?


Is this a question you have asked or been asked? Whilst it might be obvious to us (we live and breathe the stuff!) we understand that it might not be obvious to everyone else. Let us explain the difference.

We supply contract furniture, not domestic. That means that we supply for all commercial venues rather than for the home. Want a bar stool for your kitchen? Sorry! That's not our bag!

Think: hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, lounges, airports, gyms, offices... (deep breath) ... education, care homes, spas, pubs, bakeries... the list goes on and on. Essentially, we provide furniture for businesses. Not for your house.

There's a difference between the furniture that's provided for the home and for commercial venues. Comercial venues have a much larger set of requirements to keep customers safe and to survive wear and tear from high usage.

We hunt out the best products that fit these requirements:

  • Crib 5 - In the UK contract furniture must have a Crib 5 rating which means that it is not flammable.
  • High durability - Think about the number of people who are going to sit on that chair in a single day. Probably a whole lot more than the number of people who will sit on your living room sofa. So it needs to be manufactured to withstand that. It must have high-quality construction and sturdy materials.
  • Availability - If you want to add to your venue's collection of furniture, you need to be assured that it will still be in stock. Our manufacturers don't often discontinue product lines, they design and produce pieces that are timeless. On the other hand, retail stores change their product lines continuously and so you may not find the same piece a few years down the line.

We ensure that we expertly choose our product range to perfectly adhere to the requirements of contract venues. To talk to one of our account managers today, click here.

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