In Focus | What is Lagom?

- Dec 10, 2018

A year has passed and lagom (pronounced "lah-gom) is a trend that is still prevalent in much of the furniture we see on the shelves of our showroom and in the projects we’re a part of.

It still seems though, that some of us don’t quite get what Lagom is and it’s true essence is seen, in the Scandinavian sense of the word; as a way of life. In furniture Lagom is simply, simplicity.

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Powell coffee table and side table, new in 2018

The rough translation of lagom is "not too much, not too little - just right" and points to an outlook in which less is more and quality has value.

This can be seen in many of our new pieces over the past year from the Twist table to the Valerie bar stool where simple wooden frames take on a unique form and clever functionality.

Or take the Nemea armchair for instance, where an extended backrest allows you to 'hang' the chair from tables, highly valuable for busy cafes and restaurants so staff can clean floors quickly. The Khavi table collection too adds value with its underside storage, a best kept secret for hotel lobbies and office waiting areas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lagom furniture, keep it simple, keep it clever
  • Clever compartments or added functionality
  • Focus is on a refined furniture frame usually in wood
  • Commonly associated with Skandi-styles


As simple as they come, the Milo side chair


Form and function, the Diverge side chair


Clever use of materials, Cast Iron Officina collection

Browse our Lagom furniture collection >>

The word may pass into obscurity but as long as there is simple design, there will be Lagom.

What’s upcoming for the unending reign of Nordic design trends…? Umay may be the next trend we sit on in a restaurant, although it’ll be of a different feel entirely. Stay tuned.