Environment Policy

Ensuring that we are abiding by industry regulations for our products but also efficiently tackling environmental responsibilities has challenged us to create internal and external green policies.

We align ourselves with responsible workshops and factories who manufacture 100% recyclable plastic chairs or use FSC and PEFC certified woods. This means if you buy a timber chair from Inside Out you can be sure you are actively endorsing the planting of trees and the correct management of the world’s natural resources as per the FSC/PEFC criteria.

Our own UK workshop also only works with certified forestry woods; ensuring we manufacture to industry regulation but with a consciousness for the environment.

Our company also plans to be a paperless office by the end of 2021.

To date, we no longer post invoices or letters, print brochures or accept paper brochures from our factories instead focusing all our materials online via electronic brochure downloads and sending all invoices and letters via email; thus saving on paper, printing, and postage.

To reduce our carbon footprint we consolidate as much as possible our deliveries and use local suppliers/providers where possible. Instead of plastic packaging and bubble wrap for deliveries, we re-use blankets and cardboard boxes as a sustainable method for packaging. We are also currently developing a ‘chair bag’ for sending and returning showroom furniture samples, which will look to replace cardboard boxes and wrap all together.

Finally, unlike most of our competitors we do not import from the Far East and instead focus on using UK factories first, followed by European factories. This therefore reduces the carbon footprint associated with importing.

NEW #Take a seat | Plant a tree

As of 2020 we have partnered with Trees for Cities; a charity that focus on the plantation of trees across the UK, getting stuck in with local communities to cultivate lasting change.
We will be planting trees on behalf for all furniture orders placed from the 2nd January 2020. A proportion of the revenue made will be donated and at the end of the each planting season we will be able to report on the number of trees we have planted.

Trees for Cities are a registered Charity. Registered number: 02874642 / Charity number: 1032154

T&C's - Donations are based on order of goods only; other charges and services are excluded (these include but not limited to; Design, Delivery, Insulation and Storage)

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