Cacciaris Resturant Maria Oliva Portobello Road bombay chairs
Cacciaris Resturant Maria Oliva Portobello Road antique brass tables
Cacciaris Resturant Maria Oliva Portobello Road 41
Cacciaris Resturant Maria Oliva Portobello Road 29


Café & Restaurant

The Authentic Italian restaurant bringing the essence of Emilia Romagna to the heart of London. Using the freshest raw materials, Cacciari's emulates the typical 'trattoria Bolognese', and this ambition for quality and quintessential style does not stop at the food.

The ambience in the Portobello Road location is traditional and artisanal, with beautifully crafted Bombay armchairs in dark wood lining the tables. The clever bentwood structure of the chairs mixed with the deep red velvet upholstery truly withholds the Italian region's charm and reflects the red of the Cacciari's logo.

Bespoke tables have been designed to complement the setting, with tops made from Rosso Levanto marble that has a rich burgundy tone with white veining and a wooden edge.

Outside several tables offer a place of respite to enjoy a glass of wine beneath the sun. They have also been designed bespoke, pairing Wycombe bases with aged brass metal tops.

For a taste of Italy, Cacciari's is surely the place to be.

Photographed by: Nacho Rivera

Maria Oliva Interiors
Notting Hill, London
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